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Experience that counts!
Douglas Kahle has over 30 years of success in the wine business.  He started Globalwine in 2006 to provide an export solution to California wineries.
Mr. Kahle built his international expertise with Constellation Wines, where 
he served as Vice President of their International Division for 10 years.  
Prior to that. Mr. Kahle served as Vice President, Sales for the 
Canandaigua Wine Company following his success in regional and divisional 
sales management roles.  He learned distributor sales management  "101" 
from the E&J Gallo Winery in Detroit, Michigan,  and earned his BS and MBA 
degrees at Wayne State University. 

Your International Resource
Vintners that care!
Mike Phillips
Michael and David Phillips,
owners, Michael-David Winery
Greg Popovitch and Chris Noble
owners, Castle Rock Winery
James Harder and Jim Regusci, owners, Farm Collective

Dan Tudor, owner
Tudor Winery
Tim Perr and Scott Knight, owners, Pali Wine Co.
Elijah Phister and Chris Nicholopolous, owners, Nine North Wine  Co.