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Let us help you grow your California wine  business.  For more information, please contact:

Telephone:  +1.831.239.6861

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Douglas R. Kahle, President
Globalwine LLC
Carmel, California
What do our importers say about Globalwine?
" Globalwine is our major supplier of California wines in Sweden and we trust Doug to help us build our supplier relationships with California wineries. He understands our business and has played an important role in the growth of Janake Winegroup. "       Janake Johansson, Chairman, Janake Winegroup, Sweden
"Doug Kahle provides experience and professionalism to our business.  He not only brings great products to the table,  he understands how liquor boards operate.  Its rare that we find that combination of great wines and export experience together."     Chris Churchill, President, CEO,  Churchill Cellars, Toronto, Canada 
"Doug has the ability to understand both the supplier's needs and the hurdles facd by the importer and can bridge that gap with results oriented solutions."   Jim Williams,  President,  Appelation Wine Marketing, British Columbia,  Canada